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Welcome to Shizentai Crocs! 

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Our Monday kinder development class is also called our Shizentai Crocs.

We offer a dynamic 30 minute sports play session for those who are aged 3, 4 and 5 where they will learn a range of judo specific skills to develop their social interaction, friendships, balance, coordination, discipline, listening skills and concentration. Sessions do not require parent participation but encouragement and cheering is essential.


From the age of 3 to 5, children will likely have developed a high level of competence in their fundamental motor skills and are able to successfully learn any sport with confidence. It is the best window in life to learn and improve on motor skills.


Children at this age may not be attending education facilities or they may be being supported at a childcare setting or in a school nursery/reception class where they are being taught an early years foundation stage curriculum (EYFS). Our sessions will help support the skills they are learning in their EYFS curriculum and develop all 3 key areas -

• Physical Development

• Personal and Social Development

• Communication and Language


Instead of tabs, colour badges will be awarded as children achieve each skill level. These badges correlate with the order of colour tabs they will move on to work towards when they turn 6 years of age. Just before children turn 6 years old, we will teach them their breakfalls and they can then move up to our primary class where they will thrive having already learnt all of the foundations. They will start this class already knowing the basic principles of judo including etiquette, how to move, how to fall and discipline.


Example of a Session Structure -

Warm up - 5mins

Game - 5mins

Animal moves - 3mins

Any vocab / bowing recap - 2mins

Movement exercises - 5mins

Game - 8mins

Cool down - 2mins

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There are 5 badges to be earnt - 

Shizentai Crocodile 1 - Red

-Wear a judo suit

-Complete a kneeling bow

-Understand the Japanese term for stop

-Animal movement of frog

-Sideways stepping


Shizentai Crocodile 2 - Orange

-Complete a standing bow

-Understand the Japanese term for start

-Animal movement of snake

-Forward stepping

-Forwards roll


Shizentai Crocodile 3 - Green

-Bow when coming on and off the mat -Understand the Japanese term for bow

-Animal movement of scorpion (on hands hops)

-Backwards stepping

-Backwards roll


Shizentai Crocodile 4 - Blue

-Bow before and after partnering up

-Understand the Japanese term for teacher

-Animal movement of crab and bear

-Circular stepping

-Gripping a partner


Shizentai Crocodile 5 - Brown

-Bow when entering the dojo

-Understand the Japanese term for place of judo

-Animal movement of crab to bear and back

-Stepping with a partner in all directions

-Breakfalls – all including rolling

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