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Times and Prices

The below posters detail the normal club sessions. We hold a randori / fight night on the last Monday and last Thursday of the month for Youth and Senior sessions. 

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Starter Package

Under 18s - £35

O\18s and over 18s - £40

This package includes 3 months insurance, a judo suit and a welcome pack

Monthly fees

Kinders (3-5yrs) - £20 per month

Primaries (6-9yrs) - £22 per month

Juniors (9/10-13yrs) £25 per month

Youth/Seniors (Under 16s - £30 per month

Family discount of 10% is applied to every additional family member.

This fee includes attendance at as many sessions as you would like to attend. Payment to be made by standing order and are due by the 3rd of the month. If you join part way through the month, payment will be taken pro rata until the next full month. For Visiting Judoka, each session is £7. Fees paid are non refundable.
After 3 months
After the 3 month trial period you will need to apply for annual insurance with the British Judo Council and £15 club membership.

Under 18s - £35

18s and over 18s - £40

Yearly insurance and membership after 1 year

After the first year your yearly fee for insurance and £15 club membership will be -

Under 18s - £40

18s and over 18s - £45

Both beginners and visitors welcome! Visitors need to bring along their BJC or BJA licence. Both beginners and visitors - please arrive a little earlier than the above class times so we can sort out any paperwork that needs to be completed.

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